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Summer 2017 Courses

  • Date: March 27, 2017


Art History 364 – History of American Art: Art, Material Culture, and Construction of Identity, 1607 – Present (ONLINE June 19th – Aug. 13th)
Art History 364 is open to students of all grade levels (incl. freshman). It’s a great class for students who are interested in getting an introduction to Art History by becoming familiar with works of art and artifacts made in the U.S. including photography, architecture, sculpture, paintings, popular illustration, material culture, and the decorative arts. This course carries Humanities breadth, is an intermediate-level course, and is 3 credits.

Art History 430 - World of Warhol (May 30th – June 18th)
Art History 430 is a 3 credit, intermediate-level Humanities course exploring works by the legendary Andy Warhol! In this 3 week course students will become acquainted with the various modes of visual culture that Andy Warhol used to express himself and his ideas: silkscreens, installations, photographs, times capsules, commercials, magazines, videos, interviews, and films. This course will appeal to students not just interested in learning more about Andy Warhol, but should also appeal to students interested in art and film.

Art History 449/749 – Topics in Architectural History: Fieldschool on German-Russian Farmsteads in Western North Dakota (June 19th – July 17th)
Art History 449/749 has room for undergraduate (449) and graduate (749) students alike! This course is a 3 credit, intermediate-level Humanities course focusing on documenting historic farmsteads built by German-Russian immigrants in western N. Dakota. The course will be split between the Madison campus and the fields sites in North Dakota where the class will spend ONE WEEK in the field (June 26th – July 3rd) and the rest of the time back in Madison processing the data collected! The course will teach skills in building documentation, archival research, and oral history interviews. This is a great opportunity that won’t come around again!

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