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Amy Powel (Ph.D. 2012) shares her success story

  • Date: June 07, 2017
There were just really tremendous resources to take advantage of, a range of different disciplines and bodies of knowledge, and it was just a really great training ground on how to draw from multiple disciplines into one practice. Now that I'm effectively a cultural producer I work with faculty from a range of departments here at the University of Illinois, and I think Madison really trained me for that kind of work. —Amy Powell
In 2005, Amy Powell arrived at the University of Wisconsin–Madison to pursue her M.A. in art history. Upon completion of her master’s in 2007, the Kentucky native decided to stay at the university to pursue her Ph.D. in the same field.

Powell is currently the curator of modern and contemporary art at Krannert Art Museum (KAM) at the University of Illinois, Urbana–Champaign—overseeing a collection that contains roughly 10,000 works of art. The path to her current position, though, was not as straightforward as one may think. It began in Madison, and took her to Washington, D.C. and Houston along the way.

During the 2010-2011 academic year, Powell was a Smithsonian predoctoral fellow at the National Museum of African Art in Washington. Her time in the nation’s capital was invaluable because of the resources available to her while writing her dissertation, she explained.

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