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Symposium: Arctic Art

  • Date: September 21, 2017


Join us for the Symposium "The Arctic: Impossibility of Art"
Thursday, September 21, 6pm, Elvehjem 140

In 1596 two Dutch ships laden with trade goods left Amsterdam for Siberia, intending to navigate a Northeast Passage to China. They never arrived. The ships mistimed the winter ice; the vessels were soon trapped off the west coast of Nowa Zembla, deep within the Asian arctic. This is the beginning of a story told in a forthcoming book by the art historian Christopher Heuer, who is visiting UW-Madison to speak about works of art produced as the rtesult of encounters with the arctic in the 16th century. Joining him are two artists from campus, Stephen Hilyard and Anders Zanichowsky, who areboth making art in and about the arctic.