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Professor Yuhang Li gives IRH Seminar

  • Date: September 25, 2017


Reproducing a Bodhisattva: Women's Artistic Devotion in Late Imperial China

What did lay Buddhist women actually do in order to forge a connection with the bodhisattva Guanyin after he underwent a sex-change and became a female deity during late imperial China? How did a shared gender identity between the worshipper and worshipped enable practitioners to establish a new type relationship through material practice? How are gendered skills connected to religious transformation? Why did laywomen use brush, human hair, jewelry and dance to reproduce the image of Guanyin and to embody of Guanyin in late imperial China? In this seminar presentation, Professor Yuhang Li will ask these questions to shed light on the intersections of gender, material practice and religion in late imperial China.

Art History Professor and Institute for Research in the Humanities Resident Fellow Yuhang Li will present her latest book research in a seminar titled "Reproducing a Bodhisattva: Women's Artistic Devotion in Late Imperial China." The event will take place Monday, September 25, 2017 at 3:30 PM in University Club Room 212 (432 East Campus Mall). All are welcome. Refreshments will begin at 3:15 PM in Room 211.

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