College of Letters & Science

From the Chair

This May, we are pleased to honor 21 graduating seniors:

Ellyn Basky

Stuart Deets

Anli Deng

Margaret Duffey

Paola Gonzalez

Martha Holtz

Hunter Jones

Jiwon Lim

Yusi Liu

Alexa Machnik

Hoyon Mephokee

Vincent Mollica

Nicole Nelson

Francesca Pessarelli

Rose Ren

Isabella Rodamer

Anne Schoenfeldt

Madison Smith

Nina Stemwedel

Madelyn Sundquist


Our students distinguish themselves in countless ways. Many are double-majors, with their second major coming from all across the arts, sciences, and humanities. Some plan to go to professional school (medicine and law are popular), while others plan to continue to study art history in graduate school. Most of them have held distinguished internships in the arts; some have worked at the Chazen Museum.

We pride ourselves in the fact that as a small department, we come to know our undergraduate students well. We mentor them in our proseminars, and work closely with them on senior thesis projects or applications for graduate school.

We also work hard to maintain our contact with our alumni. If you are an alumni of our program, please reach out to us with your latest news. We love to hear what people have done with their degree.

Moreover, as we approach our 100th anniversary as a department, we want to make sure we can reach everyone and issue an invitation to come celebrate. Please email me at with any news, and keep your information current with the Wisconsin Alumni Association.