College of Letters & Science

Undergraduate Program

The art history major provides a foundation for answering key questions about what it means to be human as well as valuable skills for today’s workplaces. A specialized focus on images, objects, and the built environment promotes critical and creative approaches to analysis, problem-solving, writing and visual communication in a variety of media. Interdisciplinary collaborations encourage aesthetic, historical, economic, and ethical questions in order to produce new knowledge, sophisticated readers, engaged writers, critical viewers, independent thinkers, and confident cultural citizens who are well prepared to thrive in global society.

Through innovative research, teaching, and outreach activities, the Department of Art History takes a leading role in promoting visual literacy, emphasizing careful attention to continuities and differences across human history and world cultures. Examining expressive forms, from artifacts to new media, the department explores the ways in which art and visual and material culture are fully integrated into larger cultural histories.