Printmaking and Photography

William Aylward

Archaeology, art, architecture, and technology of the ancient Graeco-Roman world; classical myth and the Trojan War; the archaeological site of Troy; the archaeological site of Zeugma on the Euphrates

Image of Laurie Beth Clark

Laurie Beth Clark

  • Professor of Art, Video/Performance/Installation
  • 608.262.2835
  • 6241 Mosse Humanities Building

Gender and ethnicity, the nexus of employment and unemployment, and the persistence of material culture into the electronic era

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Adam L. Kern

  • Professor, Department of Asian Languages & Literature
  • 608.262.8731
  • 1108 Van Hise

The popular literature, culture, poetry, theater, and visual culture of early modern unto modern Japan (1600-1900). Transcultural comics in Japan (manga, kibyôshi, etc) and beyond.

Image of Steven Nadler

Steven Nadler

Philosophy in the seventeenth century, mainly Descartes and Cartesianism, Spinoza, and Leibniz.