Art History 576

Proseminar in Chinese Art: Issues of Gender in Chinese Art

This course aims to rethink both the representation of women and the actual art objects created by woman from antiquity to the contemporary China. We will investigate how images related to the feminine subject were mobilized for various social, political, and religious purposes. The major themes are the construction of ideal womanhood, feminine space, woman as producer and patron of art, gendered skills and technology, and women and religion. We will examine a wide range of mediums such as painting, prints, sculptures, textile art, decorative art, and photography.

(Li | T 4:00-6:00 | L166 Elvehjem Building)

Requires const inst and any other course in Chinese Art, or AH 203. II; 3 cr (H-D).

Previous topics:

  • Gendered Material Practice and the Cult of Guanyin (Li - Fall 2013)