April 9 is the Day of the Badger, UW’s day of giving.

You all know the value of an art history degree. Studying art and its history not only prepares students for life-long appreciation of art and other forms of culture; it also teaches skills in visual analysis as well as in oral and written communication desired by today’s employers, whether in academia, the art world or beyond. Our students succeed because we encourage them to apply these skills outside of the classroom so that they are well prepared when they enter the workforce.

Your support has made our jobs as faculty members so much easier. We rely on donor funds to take students on field trips and to support both student research and student-faculty collaboration beyond the classroom. We also use donations to bring in exciting, inspiring speakers and fund workshops for faculty and students across the campus.

In short, we thrive because of our community of friends and supporters.

On April 9, we ask you to stand up and show your art history pride. Wear red (of course!), but also share your pride in the UW-Madison Department of Art History on social media (#dayofthebadger, @uw_arthistory).

If you are able, please consider donating on our designated page: (https://www.dayofthebadger.org/campaigns/art-history)

Thank you for your support.