Declaring the Art History Major

An Art History Major Speaks Out

The College of Letters & Science encourages students to declare their major no later than the end of their sophomore year, and the Art History Department strongly supports this. Given the requirements of the department, students who do not declare by their junior year, regardless of their academic standing, should be prepared to add an extra two semesters to their undergraduate career.

1. Obtain a "What If" DARS Report for Art History, available through the Student Center in MyUW. Unofficial transcripts may also be useful, especially if you are a transfer student; these can also be ordered through MyUW.

2. Print out your responses to our "Questionnaire for Art History Majors" (also available in the Art History Department Office, 232 Elvehjem.) 

3. Pick up a Major Declaration Form from the Dept. Office (or download it here). Fill out the top part of the form, and sign. PLEASE LIST ALL OTHER MAJORS. (* Non-L&S students, see important note below)

If you are declaring honors in the major, a separate form will be needed. You may pick this form up from the Dept. Office.

4. Pick up the appropriate checklist (Standard, Asian Option, Honors) from the department office, or print from this Web page.

5. Bring all of the above and meet with your advisor during his/her office hours. Incomplete materials will not be accepted. If you cannot make it in during the listed office hours, please e-mail or call your advisor to make an appointment to meet at another time. During Summer Sessions, the Dept.Chair serves as the undergraduate advisor.

Standard Program


Asian Option

Material Culture Program

  • Director of Material Culture Certificate – Ann Smart Martin (On Leave Academic Yr. Fall 2014 – Spring 2015)
  • Director of Material Culture Certificate – Mark Nelson (
  • Faculty Advisor for Material Culture Certificate – Anna Andrzejewski (
  • Academic Advisor – Teddy Kaul (

6. After your advisor has signed your form, bring all materials to the Art History Dept. Office, who will file your declaration with the Registrar. Honors Majors will need a departmental stamp on their Honors form, and are required to take that form in person to the Honors Office, 420 South Hall.

*7. If you are a non-L&S student wanting to double major, you need to take a copy of your declaration form to your "home" department (after you bring all declaration materials to our department.) Letters and Science will not process your declaration until it receives the go-ahead from your department/school.*

IMPORTANT: If you wish to switch into the College of Letters & Science from another school/college in order to pursue a BA/BS in Art History, please make an appointment at 70 Bascom Hall (L&S Student Academic Affairs) to attend the brief workshop that will transfer you into the College. You may file your major declaration before you do the transfer workshop, but make sure they know that you have done so.