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The Courtauld | Considering Collecting: Collecting in the Digital Age

October 26, 2021 @ 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

How can a digital space help artists, gallerists, and collectors overcome new challenges within the art market?
With the Covid-19 lockdowns and an increasing awareness of the impact of global travel on the environment, artists, gallerists, dealers, and collectors are looking for new ways to buy and sell artworks. Now online, digital spaces, including virtual and augmented reality platforms, provide a potential addition to the physical gallery space, where collectors from around the world can view works and learn more about them without leaving the comfort of their homes.
In the second event in the ‘Considering Collecting’ series, Oliver Miro will share what inspired him to found Vortic, an immersive, augmented and virtual reality platform for exhibitions, private views, and art events, which also allows collectors to ‘place’ works into their home. Vortic offers a glimpse into what might be possible for collectors, artists, gallerists, and dealers within the digital space, in allowing them to connect without the need for travel. This event will explore the realisation of Vortic, as well as how galleries across the world have used it to respond to an ever-changing real-world situation and what its potential is for shaping the art market going forward.
Oliver Miro is co-Founder of Vortic, an art led platform that aims to create a connected, collaborative conversation around immersive 3D, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) exhibitions from the world’s leading galleries and institutions.
The impetus behind the founding of Vortic was a moment where, after more than a decade spent in the sales team of a leading international gallery, Oliver Miro became acutely conscious that the art world lacked a truly high quality way of presenting artworks digitally that would be engaging enough to captivate collectors, inspire artists, and help move galleries and institutions towards a more sustainable future.
Instagram: @vortic.art
The Considering Collecting series
Collections of art and artefacts can be found everywhere, from major museums and galleries to the lobbies and offices of international businesses to people’s homes. Some collections are made by committee, influenced by trends and investments, while others are driven by personal taste and choice. Decisions about who and what to collect can be made strategically, based on gaps in an existing collection or the increasing value of a type of work, or can be more spontaneous and subjective, dependent on an affinity with an artist, medium, or period.
The six online events in the ‘Considering Collecting’ series explore collecting from different perspectives, lifting the lid on the behind-the-scenes world of the art market. The series will cover a broad range of issues including: what motivates people and organisations to collect; the impact of digital technologies on collecting; caring for and researching collections; how ephemeral artworks can be collected; the historical and contemporary position of women in the world of collecting; and how organisations are working to create more representative art collections.
Supported by Laurence C. Zale Associates, Inc., a visual arts advisory company.