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The Courtauld | Considering Collecting: Collections within Collections

December 14, 2021 @ 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

What inspires individuals to donate their art collection to a museum or gallery? How do these gifts help public art collections to expand, grow and diversify?
Many public art collections, whatever their scale or area of focus, are the sum of a number of collections, acquired over decades. These might be tied to the founders of a gallery or museum and their family, be part of an acquisition strategy, or be the result of generous gifts and donations from collectors, artists, and patrons. Looking into a museum’s collection history can help us understand more about how it has been shaped by those who have contributed to it.
In this ‘In Conversation’ event, Coralie Malissard and Barnaby Wright will be joined by the artist and collector Linda Karshan to discuss the history, character, and importance, of the recent Karshan Gift to The Courtauld Gallery (on display 19 November – 9 Jan 2022). This group of 24 major modern drawings, collected by Linda Karshan and her late husband Howard Karshan represents one of The Courtauld Gallery’s biggest gifts in a generation. This discussion will cover the genesis of the Karshans’ collection, the particularities of their collecting, and the reasons why the couple decided to bequest these works to The Courtauld. Looking not only at the wonderful artworks within this gift, but also their exhibition at The Courtauld on its reopening, and the position these now hold amongst the Courtauld collection as a whole, this discussion will shed light on the practices of collecting that happen around museums and galleries. It will explore the unique relationships that can form between collectors and organisations, and what inspires collectors and their families to make their collections available to the public through gifts and donations.
This event is part of the Open Courtauld programme, organised by The Research Forum.
Please note this event will be live streamed to allow those outside London access to the event. All those who wish to access the event via this online method should book a ‘Livestream’ ticket rather than ‘Lecture Theatre’ ticket.