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Some Basic Art Reference Books to be Aware of:
(also browse the vicinity of these LC call numbers in the Art reference room)

Prepared by Linda Duychak, Reference Librarian, Kohler Art Library, University of Wisconsin-Madison: askart@library.wisc.edu, Hours: Mon-Thurs 1-5pm and also Wed. 8am-noon

Dictionaries for word definitions

  • Oxford Concise Dictionary of Art Terms (Art Ref, Regular, N33 C575 2001)

  • The Thames and Hudson Dictionary of Art Terms (Art Ref, Regular, N33 L8 1984)

  • A Dictionary of Art Terms and Techniques (Art Ref, Regular, N33 M36)

  • From Abacus to Zeus (Art Ref, Regular, N33 P5 2001)

Dictionaries for art movements

  • Art Spoke (Art Ref, Regular, N6447 A85 1993)

  • Art Speak (Art Ref, Regular, N6490 A87 1990)

Dictionaries for iconography

  • Hall's Dictionary of Subjects and Symbols in Art (Art Ref, Regular, N7560 H34 1979)

  • The Dictionary of Symbols in Western Art (Art Ref, Regular, N7740 C29 1995)

  • Illustrated Dictionary of Symbols in Eastern and Western Art (Art Ref, Regular, N7740 H35 1994)

  • Gods and Heroes of Classical Antiquity (Art Ref, Regular, N7760 A34 1996)

  • Buddhism: Flammarion Iconographic Guides (Art Ref, Regular, N8193 F7 1995)

  • The Bible and the Saints (Art Ref, Regular, BS 513.2 D8313 1994)

Books on writing about art

  • Looking and Writing (Art Ref, Regular, N5303 W97 2003)

  • A Short Guide to Writing About Art (Art Ref, Regular, N7476 B37 2000)

  • Writing About Art (Art Ref, Regular, N7476 S29 1999)

Books about art reference books

  • Art Information: Research Methods and Resources (Art Ref, Table, N85 J64 1990)

  • Art Information and the Internet (Art Ref, Table, N59 J66 1998)

Art encyclopedias

  • Dictionary of Art (online as "Grove Dictionary of Art") (Art Ref, Table, N31 D5 1996)

  • Encyclopedia of World Art (Art Ref, Table, N31 E533)

Elvehjem Museum publications (Search MadCat for exhibit catalogs)

  • Handbook of the Collection (Art Ref, Regular, N582 M22 A6 1990)

  • Edward Burr Van Vleck Collection of Japanese Prints (Art Ref, Oversize, NE1321.8 E48 1990)

  • Subject index to Elvehjem Bulletin (Art Ref, Table, uncataloged)

  • Elvehjem Bulletins are in Art Regular-shelving (NOT Ref), N582 M23 or N582 M231

  • Elvehjem website: http://www.lvm.wisc.edu/

Other Research Resources:

Major art journal indexes

Online art encyclopedia:

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Depending on your specific research project, you may find many additional useful reference resources. For example, the Catholic Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia Judaica, and ATLAS Full-text Plus, a religion database, could all be useful for iconography research.Search MadCat for books, exhibit catalogs, journal titles, and more. If you need materials that can't be obtained on campus, use Interlibrary Loan--You can borrow materials directly using:

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