M.A. Double Degree – Requirements

Basic program requirements:

  • Students need to apply for, and be accepted to, both programs separately.
  • Students must be enrolled as an Art History student to gain access to AH courses and in SLIS to gain access to SLIS courses
  • Students will complete both degrees fairly independently from one another.
  • Each home department will provide advising related to its program requirements and content areas.
  • A few classes will be required to fulfill the double degree
  • Students may begin either program first.

Credit hour requirements:

  • Students will need to complete 64 total credits to earn the double degree (compared to 72 credits to earn both degrees separately)
  • 8 credits of course work may count toward both degrees (UW Graduate School 25% rule)

Required Coursework:

The double degree includes two required courses:

1. LIS 855 Art Librarianship (3 credits) Note: if Art Librarianship is not offered during your time at SLIS, you must take your LIS 620 or an LIS 999 (3 credits) at an approved art-related placement (Kohler Art Library, Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Chazen Museum of Art, etc.)

2. AH 701 (3 credits) Practicum: Bibliography, Historiography, Methods

Pathways: The remainder of this document describes suggested pathways for completing the remaining coursework for the LIS and Art History degrees.

Suggested Pathway through SLIS degree requirements (42 credits)

Basic SLIS Requirements

  • 9 credits Tier 1 SLIS classes
  • 3 credits SLIS practicum field experience (e.g., LIS 620)
  • 3 credits Tier T SLIS classes
  • 9 credits Tier 2 classes SLIS classes

Recommended SLIS electives for Art Librarianship Double Degree Students:

  • LIS 670 History of the Book and Print Culture in Europe and the Americas;
  • LIS 879 Digital Libraries;
  • LIS 853 Metadata Standards and Applications;
  • LIS 668 Digital Curation;
  • LIS 678 Preservation and Conservation;
  • LIS 734 Introduction to Archives;
  • LIS 839 Special Collections

Suggested Pathway through Art History Degree (30 credits)

A. AH Requirements

(21 credit) MA students with a strong background in art history or the equivalent should take a minimum of seven art history courses (21 credits), at least four of which must be seminars. * The question of breadth in an individual student’s program will be determined by the advisor in consultation with the DGS, who may require up to three broad lecture courses.+

AH 701 Practicum: Bibliography, Historiography, Methods (Note: already listed in the 6 credits of shared curriculum)

B. Breadth

All students are required to take courses that fulfill breadth requirements for geography and chronology, covering courses three of five geographical categories:

  • Cross-Cultural/Diaspora
  • Africa/Middle East
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Americas

and at least two of four chronological periods.

  • Ancient/Medieval
  • Early Modern (circa 1400–1800)
  • Modern (1800–1945)
  • Contemporary (post 1945)

Students who have already completed an art history major as an undergraduate may count advanced lecture courses and seminars to meet the M.A. breadth requirements.

C. Language: One foreign language (See Art History Requirements)

D. Master’s Paper (See Art History requirements)

Recommended AH courses for double degree students:

  • AH 601 Museum Studies I
    • AH 602 Museum Studies II
    • AH 432 Multiculturalism and the New Museology
    • AH 334 Prints and Print Makers