College of Letters & Science

Advanced Opportunity Fellowships (A.O.F.)

A one-year to three-year award waiving tuition and providing a stipend for an incoming student based on financial need. Targeted ethnic minority groups include African Americans, American Indians, Alaskan Natives, Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, or Southeast Asians from Vietnam, Laos, or Cambodia. Economically disadvantaged individuals not belonging to one of these minority groups may apply also. Applicants must be citizens or Permanent Residents of the United States.


Nominated University Fellowships: (Students DO NOT apply directly; departments nominate).

The Graduate School provides a number of fellowship awards. Students submit applications to the Department Administrator, who passes them on to the Committee. The Committee evaluates the applications and then sends a ranked list of candidates to the appropriate fellowships committees in either the College of Letters and Science or the Graduate School. The Graduate School makes the final decisions on University awards.