Policies and Procedures


  1. Grievances initiated by faculty, staff and students must be submitted in writing -- and only in writing -- to the "Grievance Committee."
  2. Grievances may be the result of a wide variety of issues and situations arising from interaction in the classroom or workplace (grades, working conditions, misunderstandings). Professor Ann Smart Martin is the Chair of the "Grievance Committee." The "Grievance Committee" shall respond to complaints 15 days after such complaints have been received.
  3. The Chair of the Department of Art History is the next level of appeal and, depending on the nature of the complaint, the Chair may appoint an ad hoc committee to investigate the case in greater detail.
  4. If the need exists, the Chair will refer the case to the appropriate authority outside the department, all departmental attempts toward resolve having been exhausted.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is not a compliment. It's offensive and illegal.

Professor Jill Casid is the officially designated sexual harassment contact person for the Art History Department and has received training from the Office of Affirmative Action. She will follow procedures from that office for discussing and reporting incidents of sexual harassment or discrimination, starting with a pledge of confidentiality if requested. Please feel free to talk with Professor Casid.