Sophia Farmer

Ph.D candidate

Sophia Maxine Farmer studies under Prof. Barbara C. Buenger and specializes in Italian modern art and the socio-political structures that affected the production of artworks during twentieth century. Her dissertation focuses on the importance of the machine era to the development of Futurist anthropomorphic objects and imagery. More specifically, her work considers the gendered connotations of the idealized mechanical man formed as a fetishized robotic cyborg in Futurist art and literature.

Her research on the Futurist sub-movement, aeropittura, entitled “Aeropittura: Modern Aviation and the Fascist Idealization of the Italian Landscape” will be published in the collective volume Landscapes, Natures, Ecologies: Italy and the Environmental Humanities edited by Enrico Cesaretti, Serenella Iovino, and Elena Past, forthcoming from the University of Virginia Press in September of 2016.

As of January 2017, she will be a Pre-Doctoral Fellow at the Center for Italian Modern Art (CIMA) in New York. Her research for this institution engages in their 2016-2017 theme on the work of artists Giorgio de Chirico and Giulio Paolini. Her project focuses on examining the role of citation, repetition and appropriation in the works of both artists as a way to better understand the ironic perspective presented by Italian artworks that celebrate kitsch, pastiche and parody in the twentieth century.

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)