Michael Feinberg

Position title: Ph.D. Candidate; Dissertation Fellow

Email: mfeinberg2@wisc.edu



B.A. Sarah Lawrence College, 2015
M.A. University of Wisconsin–Madison, 2018
Certificate in Environmental Humanities, University of Wisconsin–Madison, 2019

Michael studies British print culture from the early modern Atlantic world. Challenging landscape’s position as a genre of art or a mere representation of the earth, their dissertation examines how landscape contested the sense of human exceptionalism that was foundational for the colonial enterprise. Careful study of landscape imagery in illustrated works of natural history and history from the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries reveals landscape’s ambivalence toward imperial sovereignty and white dominion. Their research has been or will be supported by the Boston Athenaeum, the Clark Library at UCLA, the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, the University of Wisconsin, Madison, the University of Minnesota, the John Carter Brown Library, and others. Michael’s work has been presented at the Modern Language Association (2021), College Art Association (2020), the South Central Society for Eighteenth Century Studies (2019), and Interdisciplinary Nineteenth Century Studies (2017), among others.

Research Interests
Early modern visual culture from Europe and the Americas; History and Theory of Landscape; Queer Theory, Psychoanalytic Theory; Visual Studies connected with Historiography

Feinberg, M., F. Villarroel, A. Gaeta, S. Asadipour, A. Zanichowsky, L. Urbain, L. Leavitt, A. Lakind, and M. Machuca Rose. (in press). “Inquisitive Survival: Burning Questions for the Necro-Scene.” Journal of Visual Culture with the Harun Farocki Institut (45).

Painting and Empire: Landscape of Napoleon’s Dreams in Haiti.” EdgeEffects, Fall, 2017.

Rethinking Girodet’s Portrait of Citizen Belley.” EdgeEffects, May 2016.

Summer 2022: Visual Culture of the Atlantic (Lecturer)
Spring 2020: The Object of Contemporary Art (Lecturer)
Fall 2019: History and Theory of Photography (Lecturer)
Fall 2016–Spring 2018: History of Western Art II: From Renaissance to Contemporary (TA)

Primary Advisor(s)
Jill H. Casid