ALL | Opening Reception for Brenda Baker, Bird Ross, and Helen Lee

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Arts + Literature Laboratory | 111 S. Livingston St. #100, Madison, WI
@ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

A reception for new exhibitions at Arts + Literature Laboratory will be held Thursday, January 18 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. A series of short artist talks by Brenda Baker, Bird Ross, and Helen Lee will begin after 6:30pm.
Land of 1,000 Eddies is the exhibition by Brenda Baker and Bird Ross. What exactly is an eddy? Eddies are circular and constantly moving. They can be a trap. They can be a place for rest. You’ll find them in rivers and oceans. Or in your mind, ideas swirling, resting, gaining speed, spinning out of control, then finding solace again. Even a traffic circle can feel like an eddy. Or maybe it’s a meal you’re about to consume or a letter you’ve just read that leaves you restful or hurried, spinning, or calm. Baker and Ross hope that the works in this exhibition will be a place for your curiosity and rest.
Exuviae is the exhibition by Helen Lee. “Exuviae refers to a sloughed-off skin, such as that of snakes, cicadas, and other exoskeleton creatures. The Latin roots of this word refer simply to “things stripped from a body.” Often transparent, exuviae commonly retain the exact appearance of the animal from which it was shed. This exhibition explores ancestry over course of migration, and what can and cannot be molted from human experience—particularly diasporic experience. Three works—Brood, Amulet, and Smoulder—triangulate the inheritances of loss and material and cultural narratives from the perspective of a second-generation Chinese-American artist. These works consider: the weight of a generational bloodline; the diffusion of a phonetic alphabet; and reverberations of the American gaze on Asian identity that grew from the oldest branch of the Chinese diaspora in America.
Indeterminate Objects is an group exhibition curated by Helen Lee, featuring work by Andrew Bearnot, Stine Bidstrup, Kim Harty,
Dylan Palmer, Brett Swenson, and Helen Lee.
The exhibitions are on display from Tuesday, January 9, 2023 through March 7, 2024. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday, 10:00am to 5:00pm, and Saturday 12:00pm to 5:00pm.