Anna Andrzejewski

Position title: Professor of American Art and Architecture

Steffani Bennett

Position title: Assistant Professor of Japanese Art, and the Joan B. Mirviss Chair in Japanese Art

Nicholas D. Cahill

Position title: Professor of Greek and Roman Art and Archaeology

Anna Campbell

Position title: Associate Professor; Gender and Women's Studies

Jill H. Casid

Position title: Professor of Visual Studies; Director of Graduate Studies

Preeti Chopra

Position title: Professor of Visual Studies, South Asian Art and Architecture

Thomas E. A. Dale

Position title: Professor of Medieval Art and Architecture, and the Simona and Jerome Chazen Distinguished Chair of Art History; Director of Undergraduate Studies

Yuhang Li

Position title: Associate Professor of Chinese Art

Nancy Rose Marshall

Position title: Professor of Nineteenth-Century Art and Visual Culture

Kristin Phillips-Court

Position title: Associate Professor; Italian and Art History

Jennifer Pruitt

Position title: Howard and Ellen Louise Schwartz Associate Professor of Islamic Art and Architecture

Daniel Spaulding

Position title: Assistant Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art

Elaine Sullivan

Position title: Assistant Professor of African Cultural Studies

Kirsten Wolf

Position title: Chair of the Department of Art History, Professor