ALL | Project Projection Spring 2024: Local Film & Video

This event has passed.

Arts + Literature Laboratory | 111 S. Livingston St. #100, Madison, WI
@ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Mills Folly Microcinema presents Project Projection Spring 2024, a program of locally produced film and video, Wednesday, May 1, 2024, at 7:00pm. Free admission.
Join us for an evening of experimental films, poetic documentaries, music videos, and animation produced by filmmakers who reside in Madison and Dane County. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.
Program running order will be provided in the program notes at the screening. Total program running time is approximately 90 minutes. A Q&A with the filmmakers in attendance will follow the screening.
The Treachery of Images (of dogs) | David Boffa | 2024 | 10:00
A short documentary about our relationship to the photographic image—told entirely through images of dogs.
FRAWG! | Steve Chappell | 2024 | 5:00
Bigfoot does not exist. FRAWG does!
All of My Very Own | GG Christensen | 2024 | 9:53
All Of My Very Own is not only a film but a memorial. The filmmaker aspires to raise $1,000 for The National Harm Reduction Coalition, a non profit committed to ending the overdose crisis.
From Time to Eternity | Tim Geurkink | 2024 | 9:56
In the summer of 2008 my best friend Eric and I set out on a road trip that was all about being ourselves and living life to the fullest. We did not know nature would have some big surprises in storm for us.
rain light | Alex Jacobs | 2024 | 4:26
Rain and light. Directed by Alex Jacobs, music by borpis.
8th Day of April | Heidi E. Johnson | 2024 | 5:00
An experimental collage / video diary documenting a day of spectacular and quotidian events in April, 2024.
headshot nots | James Kreul | 2024 | 4:00
Over 100 failed or flawed headshots, taken on the evening of February 21, 2022, animated to the isolated bass line of the loudest and most raucous song that a certain band ever recorded.
The Dippers | Gretta Wing Miller | 2023 | 9:34
Trying to find a way to not be cold in winter weather leads some Madison, Wisconsin eastsiders to cold plunge, or dip, into the not-yet-frozen waters that surround our isthmus in December, 2023.
Nerve | Eric J. Nelson | 2024 | 2:20
Stop-motion papercraft animation for the song “Nerve” by Madison band The Flavor that Kills. Content note: this video contains some images that may not be appropriate for some viewers.
The Rich Don’t Know God | Michael Olson | 2023 | 2:12
A music video for Luke Leavitt and the Levitations.
Looking for Lamassu | Alfred Rasho | 2013 | 4:43
A short film about the Assyrians. Lamassu, a statue that once protected the palaces, has come to symbolize the long collapsed empire.
Rooted | Rooted in Urban Agriculture Youth Employees | 2023 | 9:59
A short documentary produced by kids in the 2023 Summer Rooted program, featuring student employees from Badger Rock Neighborhood Center, Goodman Youth Farm, and Troy Kids’ Garden.
Once Removed | Devon Stackonis | 2023 | 1:41
A letterpress animation which utilizes pressure printing, hand-set type, and monotype print sequences paired with a poem that poses extraction and mutilation of the landscape in relationship to the body.
Ego | Kiesen Williams | 2024 | 4:00
Ego takes the viewer through a journey of growing up, exploring the development of identity and ego. Using childhood memories contrasted with the ordinary events of adult life, the video delves into the intricacies of the perception of reality in different stages of life.
The Affinity Room | Nicholas Wootton | 2024 | 7:00
A study in designing a visual motif for a motion picture. This film uses space, movement, rhythm, and color to explore affinity and contrast. I am an eternal student learning the craft, and I created this film to expand my visual palette. Content note: This video contains nudity.
About Mills Folly Microcinema:
Mills Folly Microcinema showcases nationally recognized experimental film and video art from the festival and microcinema circuit. We network with regional filmmakers and organizations to bring filmmakers and guest programmers to Madison for screenings. And we incubate local experimental filmmaking by providing screen time at Project Projection events.
This event is made possible by support from Dane Arts; Madison Arts Commission with additional funds from Wisconsin Arts Board. Additional funds also provided by Endres Manufacturing Company Foundation, the Evjue Foundation, Inc., charitable arm of The Capital Times, the W. Jerome Frautschi Foundation, and the Pleasant T. Rowland Foundation. Support also provided by an generous anonymous donor.