ALL | The Legacy of Emily Dickinson: A Poetic Soundscape

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Arts + Literature Laboratory | 111 S. Livingston St. #100, Madison, WI
@ 7:00 pm - @ 9:00 pm

The Legacy of Emily Dickinson: A Poetic Soundscape

LunART presents a two-day celebration of Emily Dickinson’s birthday and enduring legacy on December 14–15 at Madison’s Arts and Literature Laboratory.
CONCERT & POETRY READING – Thursday, December 14 at 7 PM
Immerse yourself in the world of Emily Dickinson where her timeless poetry meets mesmerizing music. Experience an evocative musical soundscape with Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson by Aaron Copland, The Gorgeous Nothings by Ingrid Stozel, and Emily’s Images by Vivian Fine. In addition, savor the essence of Emily’s own words through poetry readings. Join us for a celebration that weaves together art and verse, honoring the enduring legacy of this iconic poet.
Performers: Sarah Brailey (voice), Iva Ugrcic (flute), Heather Huckleberry (oboe), Satoko Hayami (piano)
PANEL DISCUSSION – Friday, December 15 at 7 PM
How has a woman who was an unpublished poet and a recluse become a central figure not only in American poetry but in American culture? She has been the subject of two major biopics, a miniseries, and countless books. Join us for a second day of celebrating Dickinson with this discussion about the life and work that has inspired generations of writers, musicians, and artists. In this discussion, poets will delve into the profound impact of Dickinson’s literary legacy, highlighting particular poems and biographical details to explore why her timeless poetry continues to resonate with readers and artists across generations.
Panelists: Alison Townsend, Marilyn Annucci, and Chessy Normile
Moderator: Rita Mae Reese