CDMC | Master of Fine Arts Opening Reception

Join the CDMC April 5th from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. in the Ruth Davis Design Gallery to celebrate the Design Studies Master of Fine Arts exhibitions by Esther Cho, Heather Kohlmeier, and Veronica Y Pham. Exhibitions will be on display March 21 – April 12, 2024.

Tangible Secrets
Esther Cho | MFA Thesis Exhibition

In Tangible Secrets, Cho investigates collected secrets as palpable material and explores the contemporary application of jiseung, a traditional Korean paper-weaving craft. Cho transforms mulberry paper and personal narratives into complex vessel-like works that reveal or retain written secrets. Tangible Secrets also features a participatory installation within the gallery for viewers to “give” a secret, prompting viewers to decide between maintaining confidentiality or embracing self-expression.

Inside Out 
Heather Kohlmeier | MFA Thesis Exhibition

Heather Kohlmeier’s Inside Out is an exploration of our bodily experience in this life. Using delicate handmade and hand-dyed paper Kohlmeier creates works evoking different sensations or moments for contemplation within the viewer. These works invite the audience to reflect on their relationship with their body relative to the experiences they live and the spaces they inhabit.

Veronica Y Pham | MFA Thesis Exhibition

My MFA thesis exhibition focuses on traditional craft processes including, Vietnamese papermaking, Chinese knotting, and netting that reexamines a personal connection to these processes while asking significant broader questions around migration, cyclical histories, and multi-cultural identity. The installation of this body of work is a site host to invite several interdisciplinary artists (music, dance, and linguistics) to explore their connection and “knots” to their multi-heritage through their artistic language in the space.