Chazen Museum of Art | Photography, An Art of Relation: Histories from Senegal

“Photography, An Art of Relation: Histories from Senegal”

5 – 6 PM Chazen Auditorium | Photography, An Art of Relation: Histories from Senegal Lecture

6-7 PM Chazen Lobby | Light Refreshments & continued conversation with Giulia Paoletti & Insistent Presence curator, Margaret Nagawa

This talk explores photography as an art of relation through the work of contemporary artists such as Ibrahima Thiam, Serigne Ndiaye, and Malick Welli. Inspired by the Senegalese practice of seeing, showing and sharing photographs–the xoymet—these artists do not champion or celebrate the singular, autonomous, human figure. Instead, they create layered works, or photographs en abyme, that disclose connections, analogies, and citations, pointing and pulling elsewhere. They prompt us to plunge into photography’s relations.

Pre-registration is strongly encouraged for in-person attendance.

Guests who are unable to attend in person may stream this event live on the Chazen Museum of Art Facebook page.

Insistent Presence: Contemporary African Art from the Chazen Collection is on display at the Chazen through December 23, 2023.