End the 2023–24 Global Museum Passport (GMP) season with a virtual visit to The Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis (MN) to see their continuously rotating exhibit Say No to War: Political Cartoons by Ukrainian and Russian Artists.
“Wars destroy human relationships. But political cartoonists inhabit a country of their own governed by the law of the genre. We collaborate in international projects, express our anti-war sentiment during war-time, and support colleagues who suffer persecution.”– Andrey Feldshteyn, political cartoonist
Say No to War: Political Cartoons by Ukrainian and Russian Artists is a project of The Museum of Russian Art to voice the institution’s antiwar stance. The display has been rotated three times and features the work of political cartoonists taking a stance against the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. The exhibit will continue to rotate until the war ends.
The exhibition is organized by The Museum of Russian Art (TMORA) in collaboration with Minnesota artist Andrey Feldshteyn, who has worked in the genre of political cartoons for four decades. Featured cartoonists include Alexander Dubovsky, Vladimir Kazanevsky, Victor Kudin, and Oleg Kovalenko, all from Ukraine, as well as Valery Momot, Oleksiy Kustovsky, Oleg Smal, Viacheslav Shilov, Alesha Stupin, Victor Holub, Oleg Gutsol, and Andrey Feldshteyn.
This tour will be conducted by an Educator at The Museum of Russian Art and will be followed immediately with a chance for the audience to ask questions about the exhibit.