MMoCA | Chasing the Stars: Women Computers at Washburn Observatory

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Madison Museum of Contemporary Art | 211 State St. Madison, WI
@ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Erika Blumenfeld’s Tracing Luminaries series takes inspiration from the “Harvard Computers,” a group of women in the late 1800s who were prevented from participating in traditional academia. Through their study and cataloging of thousands of stars and other astronomical phenomena, they revolutionized the science of astronomy and astrophysics.

In honor of International Women in STEM Day, James Lattis and Kelly Tyrrell will give a presentation on the early days of astronomy studies in Wisconsin, emphasizing the role of female astronomers and their contributions to astronomic research.

Jim Lattis manages the historic Washburn Observatory and is the Director of UW Space Place, the outreach and public education center of the UW-Madison Astronomy Department. Kelly Tyrrell is a science writer who oversees media relations for UW-Madison and serves as engagement editor for the science journalism nonprofit, The Open Notebook. Their book, Chasing the Stars: How the Astronomers of Observatory Hill Transformed Our Understanding of the Universe will be released in May 2024.