MOWA | Introduction to Illustration with Rachal Duggan

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Museum of Wisconsin Art
@ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Introduction to Illustration with Rachal Duggan

In this illustration workshop, you will enjoy a beginner-friendly, experimental environment where participants play drawing games and create multiple drawings in just a short time. Rachal’s workshops are designed for adults of any skill level to open their minds and enjoy a more playful approach to illustration.
“Rachal Duggan is a Milwaukee-based Illustrator and author. Originally from the burbs of Chicago, she attended art school in Chicago and worked there as an illustrator for over a decade. Known for her highly coveted booty portraits, Rachal travels for pop-up events where she draws on the spot. When she’s not creating illustrations, Rachal teaches drawing workshops for all skill levels. Her select clients include The Guardian, NYLON Magazine, Chicago Reader, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.”