UW Cinematheque | Barbara Stanwyck Double Feature

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Vilas Hall, Rm. 4070
@ 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Free admission!
6 p.m.
BABY FACE – The Uncensored Version!
USA | 1933 | 35mm | 75 min.
Director: Alfred E. Green
Cast: Barbara Stanwyck, George Brent, Margaret Lindsay
The dazzling Stanwyck stars as gold-digging Lily Powers in one of the most notorious films made before Hollywood began enforcing the Production Code. A tough bootlegger’s daughter, depression-era heroine Lily triumphantly conquers a series of men (including John Wayne) on her way to the top of a financial empire! This restored version from the Library of Congress features five minutes of jaw-dropping footage that was never shown to the public after being rejected by New York State censors. 35mm print courtesy Library of Congress.
7:30 p.m.
USA | 1953 | 35mm | 79 min.
Director: Douglas Sirk
Cast: Barbara Stanwyck, Richard Carlson, Maureen O’Sullivan
Turn of the century small-town Wisconsin is the setting for this underrated Sirk melodrama featuring a fiery Stanwyck as a failed actress who returns to (the fictional) Riverdale years after abandoning her husband (a terrific Carlson) and children to pursue her career. Based on a sharply-titled novel, Stopover by Carol Ryrie Brink, and saddled, against the director’s wishes, with a happy ending, Desire is nonetheless a typically and effectively scathing Sirkian indictment against the petty moralism of America’s middle-class and middle-west. (BR)