Becoming Horse Girl movie series: Piaffe

5 – 5:30 PM Garfield Gallery

Tour My mother is a horse. An exhibition by Cat Birk with artist, Cat Birk.

5:30 – 7 PM Chazen Auditorium

Piaffe film screening

Piaffe illustrates the erotics of the relationship between self and image during the process of identity formation. Eva, the protagonist, quite literally transforms into a horse girl, and we feel her confidence in this new embodiment. Finding her new form in her attempts to perfectly recreate the sounds of a horse, Eva shows the tenderness and emancipatory potential in the gesture of replication.

Tickets to attend this film screening are free, but donations to OutReach LGBTQ+ Community Center​ are encouraged! They are committed to equity and quality of life for all LGBTQ+ people through community building, health and human services, and economic, social, and racial justice advocacy. Donate here!


2022 | Drama | 86min | Germany | German, English with English subtitles

Directed by ANN OREN


Shot on lush 16mm, Oscilloscope Laboratories presents PIAFFE, a visceral journey into control, gender and artifice.

Introverted and unqualified, Eva is unexpectedly tasked with foleying the sound for a commercial featuring a horse. As she slowly acclimated to the new job, her obsession with creating the perfect equine sounds grows into something more tangible. Eva harnesses this new physicality, becoming more confident and empowered, and lures an unassuming botanist into an intriguing game of submission.