UW Cinematheque | Speed (1994)

This event has passed.

Vilas Hall, Rm. 4070
@ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


A disgruntled explosives expert (Hopper) holds Los Angeles for ransom by arming a city bus with a bomb that will detonate if the vehicle slows down below 50 mph. Attempting to foil the dastardly plot is a dedicated bomb-squad cop (Reeves) and a brave and clever bus passenger (Bullock) who must navigate the oversized vehicle through very busy crosstown traffic. One of the best-remembered summer blockbusters of the 90s, Speed marked the directorial debut of Die Hard cinematographer de Bont and “exemplifies the fairly well-crafted action picture” (David Bordwell). 35mm print courtesy Wisconsin Center for Film & Theater Research.