Adam L. Kern

(608) 262.8731

1108 Van Hise

Adam L. Kern

Department of Asian Languages & Literature
Ph.D. Harvard University
Research Interests
The popular literature, culture, poetry, theater, and visual culture of early modern unto modern Japan (1600-1900). Transcultural comics in Japan (manga, kibyôshi, etc) and beyond.


“East Asian Comix: Intermingling Japanese Manga and Euro-American Comics.” In Bramlett, Cook, and Meskin, eds., The Routledge Companion to Comics and Graphic Novels (Routledge, 2016)

“Envisioning the Classics: Tales of the Heike in Edo-Period Comicbooks.” In Adolphson and Commons, eds., Loveable Losers: The Taira in Action and Memory (University of Hawai‘i Press, 2015).

Kibyōshi—Edo no jikogenkyūtekina manga.” I. Bijitsu Forum 21.  In vol. 24 (December 2011).

“Kabuki Plays on Page—and Comicbook Pictures on Stage—in Edo-Period Japan.” In Kimbrough and Shimazaki, eds., Publishing the Stage: Print and Performance in Early Modern Japan (Boulder: University of Colorado Center for Asian Studies, 2011)


Lit Trans 373: Topics in Japanese Literature/East Asian 253: Intro to Japanese Culture & Civilization:
– Comic Imagination in Japanese Literature
Lit Trans 372: Classical Japanese Prose: Early Modern Japanese Literature Survey
EA 573: Readings in Classical Japanese: Early Modern Japanese Literature
East Asian 367/Lit Trans 372: Haiku
East Asian 574: Haikai
Inter-ls 102 Seminar: FIG/East Asian 253:
– Japanese Culture & Civilization: Japan Pop! From Bashô to Banana
East Asian 763/Lit Trans 373: Kibyôshi
East Asian 376/Lit Trans 231: Manga
East Asian 681: Senior Honors Thesis
East Asian 433/East Asian 833: Topics in East Asian Visual Cultures:
– Spectacular Culture of Early Modern Japan