Anna V. Andrzejewski

Position title: Bradshaw Knight Professor of the Environmental Humanities and Director of the Center for Culture, History, and the Environment


280A Science Hall
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Curriculum Vitae

B.A. Washington University, 1991
M.A. Washington University, 1993
Ph.D. University of Delaware, 2001

Research Interests
American art, American material and visual culture, and North American vernacular architecture and landscape history.

Anna is Professor in the Art History Department, where she teaches courses in the history of American art, architecture and material culture. She is also an affiliate of the Department of Planning and Landscape Architecture, the Department of Geography, and the Department of Architecture (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee). In addition she is an active member of the Center for Culture, History and the Environment (CHE).

Anna’s research centers on American architecture of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Her first book, Building Power: Architecture and the Ideology of Surveillance in Victorian America, was published by the University of Tennessee Press (2008). She is currently completing her second book provisionally entitled One Builder: Marshall Erdman and the Postwar Building Industry in the U.S. This book seeks to tell the history of the building industry in the second half of the twentieth century through looking at Erdman’s work, using the extensive archive of the Erdman family. She has just begun a new research project on the history of south Florida’s vacation and retirement landscape.

Anna has received numerous grants and awards for her scholarly research and for projects serving her students and the community at large. She has held a Vilas Associates Research Award (2012–14), which helped her advance her work on One Builder. On top of numerous internal awards, she has also received outside support for her projects from the Winterthur Museum, the VAF, and the Chipstone Foundation (Milwaukee). Anna has aggressively pursued funding opportunities for her students — including Project Assistant positions at the University, VAF Ambassador Awards, and internship and field school opportunities. In 2018, she received an Orland Ridout Fieldwork Fellowship to support a field school class. Anna is being awarded a Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Prize for her efforts in the classroom in April, 2019.

Outside of her research and teaching, Anna is committed to public outreach and service. She has served on several local boards, including that of the Montessori Children’s House, the Madison West YMCA Advisory Board, and the Southwest Aquatics Team. Anna served three years of the City of Madison’s Plan Commission, during which time she contributed to the rewrite of the City’s Zoning Code and development of a new Downtown Plan. Anna is currently Vice-Chair of the Madison Landmarks Commission.


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AH 202: Renaissance to Modern Art
AH 364: History of American Art, 1607 to Present
AH 457: History of American Vernacular Architecture & Landscape
AH 468: Frank Lloyd Wright
AH 567: Proseminar in American Architecture
AH 701: Practicum in Art History: Bibliography, Historiography, Methods
AH 867: Seminar in American Architecture (topics vary)