Laurie Beth Clark

Position title: Professor of Non-Static Forms


Phone: (608) 262.1660

6241 Mosse Humanities Building
Office Hours: By appointment.

Curriculum Vitae

B.A. Hampshire College, 1976
M.A. University of New Mexico, 1981
M.F.A. Rutgers University, 1983

Research Interests
Over the years, the recurring themes in Clark’s work are gender and ethnicity, the nexus of employment and unemployment, and the persistence of material culture into the electronic era. Clark also collaborates with Michael Peterson under the group name Spatula and Barcode on creative projects that explore hospitality and discourse.

co-editor (with Michael Peterson) of On Generosity: Performance Research 23, iss. 6 (2018).

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This comment has been flagged as spam.” Journal of Visual Culture: dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the publication of John Berger’s “Ways of Seeing” 11 (2012):175–78.

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“Review of Power Pipes by Spiderwoman Theater at the Edgewater Theatre Center in Chicago,” High Performance 57 (1992):56.

Art 318: Non-Static Forms
Art 418: Installations and Environments
Art 448: Special Topics
– Collaborations
– Relational Aesthetics
– Artists as Curators
Art 469/Theatre 469: Performance
Art 508: Colloquium
Art 518: Artists’ Video
Art 608: Interdisciplinary Critique
Art 618: Advanced Video
Art 699: Independent Study (Undergraduate)
Art 718: Art Performance
Art 908: Graduate Seminar
– The Art World: In Theory and In Practice (1986)
– Artists Writing (1987)
– Aesthetic Pedagogy (1988)
– Politics of Representation (1989)
– Drawing in the Margins (1990)
– Readings in Multicultural Production (1991)
– Art and Social Change (1991)
– Conversations in Contemporary Culture (1992)
– Cultural Studies and the Visual Arts (1994)
– Postmodernism: Coming to Terms (1994)
– Artist and Audience (1995)
– Imagining the Artist (1996)
– Theory (1997)
– Visual Culture (1999)
– Digital Culture (2002)
– Space (2003)
– Memory Culture (2007)
– Introduction to Graduate Studies (2009)
– Tourism (and) Culture (2010)
– Critique and Criticism (2010, 2013)
– Trauma/Culture (2012)
Art 914: Advanced Research
Art 999: Independent Study (Graduate)