Quitman E. (Gene) Phillips

Position title: Emeritus Professor in Japanese Art

Email: qephilli@wisc.edu

Phone: (608) 263.2289

Quitman E. (Gene) Phillips

Curriculum Vitae

Former Joan B. Mirviss Chair in Japanese Art

B.A. Harvard University, 1974
M.A. University of California-Berkeley, 1986
Ph.D. University of California-Berkeley, 1992

Research Interests
Japanese Art.

“Kanō Motonobu’s Shuten Dōji Emaki and Anti-Demon Rituals in Late Medieval Japan,” Japan Review 32 (2019).

“Saving the Elite: the Jōfukuji Version of the Ten Kings.” Ars Orientalis (2003).

The Practices of Painting in Japan, 1475–1500. Palo Alto: Stanford University Press, 2000.

“The Price Shuten Dōji Screens: A Study of Visual Narrative.” Ars Orientalis 26 (1996).

“Hōncho gashi and the Kano Myth.” Archives of Asian Art 47 (1994).

AH 101: Study of Art, Present and Past
AH 203: Survey of Asian Art
AH 236: Bascom Colloquium in Art History
– Belief, Ritual, and Representation
AH 372: Arts of Japan
AH 375: Later Japanese Painting and Woodblock Prints
AH 411: Topics in Asian Art History
AH 475: Japanese Ceramics and Allied Arts
AH/RS 478: Art and Religious Practice in Medieval Japan
AH 575: Proseminar in Japanese Art
– Monstrosity in Japanese Visual Culture
AH 701: Practicum in Art History: Bibliography, Historiography, Methods
AH 875: Graduate Seminar in Japanese Art
– Ritual Art and the Afterlife
– Japan and Western Modernity
– Monstrosity in Japanese Visual Culture