M.A. Programs

Free-standing M.A. in Art History

This program is designed for students who wish to develop their academic background in art history in order to pursue a career in the art world (museum, gallery, auction house, art consulting, publishing, etc.) and for those who wish to complete an M.A. before considering a Ph.D. program.  It is a two-year program.  Preference for funding will normally go to applicants to the Ph.D.


Art History /School of Library and Information Studies M.A. Double Degree

The purpose of the double degree is to prepare students to work as art/visual resources librarians or visual resource managers, particularly for positions that require a stronger art background than a prior art BA allows.  Graduating students might be employed in educational, cultural heritage, or commercial environments working with both physical and digital materials.  Examples might include: art librarian at an academic institution, librarian or visual resource manager at a museum, or image manager for a publisher. Students completing the double degree program will earn both degrees.