Nancy Rose Marshall

Position title: Professor of Nineteenth-Century Art and Visual Culture; Director of Undergraduate Studies


Phone: (608) 263.2342


224 Conrad A. Elvehjem Building
Office Hours: Tuesdays, 10:30am–12:00pm, and by appointment.

Nancy Rose Marshall

Curriculum Vitae

B.A. Yale University, 1987
M.A. Courtauld Institute of Art, London, 1991
M.A. Yale University, 1992
Ph.D. Yale University, 1998

Research Interests
Nineteenth-century French and British Art and Visual Culture. Particular interests in the interrelationships of Victorian painting and literature; Racial and gender issues; empire, history of science, theories of realism, and material culture.

Victorian Science and Imagery: The Evolution of Form in Nineteenth Century Visual Culture, edited collection. “Introduction” and “A Haunting Picture: John Everett Millais’ Speak! Speak! in Light of Psychology and Chemistry.” Other essays by Rebecca DeLue, Carey Gibbons, Barbara Larson, Keren Hammerschlag, Caitlin Silberman, Naomi Slipp, and Alison Syme. (Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh University Press, 2021).

“‘In Flaming Fire Shall Pass Away’: Victorian Imag(in)ing of the Pagan Pyre,” 19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth-Century (2017).

“‘Startling; Nay, Almost Repulsive’: Light Effects and Nascent Sensation in John Everett Millais’s The Rescue.” Journal of Victorian Culture 21, iss. 4 (December 2016):514–47.

“‘A Fully Consummated Sacrifice Upon her Altar’: Victorian Cremation as Metamorphosis.” Victorian Studies 56, no. 3 (Spring 2014):458–69.

City of Gold and Mud: Painting Victorian London, Paul Mellon Center for Studies in British Art (London: Yale University Press, 2012).

“The Many Shades of Shakespeare: Representations of Othello and Desdemona in Victorian Visual Culture,” in Transculturation in British Art 1770–1930, edited by Julie F. Codell, 73–92 (Farnham: Ashgate Press, 2012).

“James Tissot’s ‘Coloured Photographs of Vulgar Society,'” in Victorian Vulgarity: Taste in Verbal and Visual Culture, edited by Susan David Bernstein and Elsie B. Michie, 201–22 (London: Ashgate Press, 2009).

“‘A Dim World, Where Monsters Dwell’: The Spatial Time of the Sydenham Crystal Palace Dinosaur Park.” Victorian Studies 49, no.2 (Winter 2007):286–301.

“A Family Affair: Realism, Detection and the Family in William Powell Frith’s The Railway Station of 1862.” British Art Journal 8, no.1  (2007):3–14.

“History Illuminated: William Holman Hunt’s London Bridge.” Art History 29, iss. 5 (2006):827–59.

James Tissot: Victorian Life/Modern Love (New Haven: Yale Center for British Art, 1999).

“Image or Identity: Kathleen Newton and the London Pictures of James Tissot,” in Seductive Surfaces: The Art of Tissot, edited by Katharine A. Lochnan (London: Paul Mellon Centre and Yale University Press, 1999).

Works in Progress:
‘Ashes and Sparks’: Britons on Fire in the Nineteenth Century (book project).

SOUL/BODY: Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Pre-Raphaelitism, and the Victorian Animate Corpse (monograph).

FIG: Freshman Interest Group Seminar
– Painting Politics: Art and the Roots of Racism in Britain and America, 1700–2000
– Race, Class and Gender in Victorian Visual Culture
– Representing London
AH 103: Art Matters: The Body, Sex, and Health in Art
AH 104: The Art of Diversity: Race and Representation in the Art and Visual Culture of the United States
AH 202: Renaissance to Modern Art
AH 346: British Art and Society from the Eighteenth Century to the Present
AH 350: Nineteenth-Century Painting in Europe
AH 365: American Art Since 1945
AH 407: Topics in Nineteenth-Century Art
– Realisms in Nineteenth-Century Visual Culture
– Pre-Raphaelitism, Vision, and Desire
– From Fairies to Steampunk: The Victorian Imagination Then and Now in Art and Literature
AH 555: Proseminar in Nineteenth-Century European Art
– The Nineteenth-Century Body
– The City
– Victorian Networks: Themes Toward an Exhibition of British Watercolors
AH 701: Practicum in Art History: Bibliography, Historiography, Methods
AH 855: Seminar in Nineteenth-Century European Art
– Art of Empire in Nineteenth-Century Britain and France
– Representing the City in Nineteenth-Century French and British Visual Culture
– Victorian Networks: Themes Toward an Exhibition of British Watercolors
– Evolving Forms: Victorian Art and Science