Alumni News: Prof. Ray Hernández-Durán (M.A., 1994)

Prof. Ray Hernández-Durán (M.A., 1994) was promoted to Full Professor in the Department of Art at the University of New Mexico during the summer of 2019. He completed his M.A. in 1994 with Prof. Henry Drewal on the Arts of Africa and the African Diaspora. After graduating, he proceeded to the University of Chicago and completed his Ph.D. in 2005. In 2003 he was hired at the University of New Mexico where he is now the specialist in Spanish Colonial Art (1496–1898).

Check out Prof. Hernández-Durán’s 2017 book, The Academy of San Carlos and Mexican Art History: Politics, History, and Art in Nineteenth-Century Mexico. He will be publishing his next book, A Historiography of Colonial Art in Mexico, ca. 1855–1934, in late 2020 with the University of New Mexico Press.

This photo was taken from a public lecture at the San Antonio Museum of Art in San Antonio, Texas as part of the 2018 Tricentennial Celebration in March 2018.