Alumni Update | Marcela Guerrero Curates “Martine Gutierrez: Supremacy” at the Whitney

Marcela Guerrero (PhD, 2015), the Jennifer Rubio Associate Curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art, has curated the current exhibition Martine Gutierrez: Supremacy, which is on view at the Whitney through March 2023. You can read the essays and listen to the audio guides in both English and Spanish, here. Congratulations Marcela!Part of the exhibition’s description reads: Made in the signature style of Gutierrez’s chameleonic photo-performances, Supremacy continues the artist’s investigation of archetypes of women celebrated by media as brand ambassadors of beauty and authenticity. In this billboard, Gutierrez uses the language of advertisements to expose the ways in which companies are complicit in reproducing ideals anchored in whiteness and gender normativity. In an era of hyper pop-politics circulated by social media where anything can be commodified, can a brand actually be an ally in the fight for liberation? By positioning her body as a target of transphobia and racism, the artist subverts the language of marketing and discloses the ways in which supremacy can replicate in the form of a new ad campaign. Gutierrez’s billboard proposes that supremacy—an oppressive and violent force ensconced in the very fabric of capitalism—can permeate even the “wokest” ads.