An Evening with Ako Castuera & Rob Sato

art history society

Join the Art History Society Thursday, April 26th, from 6:00–7:00 PM in Elvehjem for an evening with Ako Castuera and Rob Sato! It’s a rare opportunity to meet and talk with the esteemed artists before their workshops the following day for the Applied Comics Kitchen!

Drawing from familiar, domestic and popular forms such as textiles, toys, strip malls and talismans, Ako’s work is both accessible and unexpected. A native Angeleno rooted in the rich intangible and material culture of her Okinawan and Mexican background, Ako’s works are in conversation with intersectional subcultures as well as the American mainstream. Her sculptures and paintings have been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the United States, and her work can also be seen in the popular animated television show, “Adventure Time,” for which she was a storyboard artist and writer.
–Courtesy of artist website.

Check out Ako Castuera’s work here:

Rob Sato makes complex, idiosyncratic work that explores diverse themes often related to memory and transformation. He is best known for his unique, often large scale watercolor paintings and paper sculpture made in an organic style that is both wildly loose and meticulously detailed. An inventive and category-defying artist, he layers autobiographical, historical, and fantastical narratives together to create thought-provoking works that traverse the realms of absurdity, humor, horror and beauty. His work has been featured in Giant Robot Magazine, Hi Fructose, Juxtapoz, and New American Paintings.
–Courtesy of artist.

Check out Rob Sato’s work here: