Department Projects

Conference: Library Architecture in North America 

Dr. Maxi Schreiber, Post-Doctoral Fellow in Art History, organized and conducted her conference “Library Architecture in North America,” virtually March 26–27th. The lectures are now available online and the Q&A is open until April 27th, 2020.

E-Book: Perspectives on Place: North Dakota Field School 2018

Prof. Anna Andrzejewski is proud to announce the release of the e-book for her Fall 2018 Field School class in North Dakota.

Podcast: Art of Spain & Spanish America

This podcast series explores the visual culture of Spanish America and Spain and is presented by doctoral students from Dr. Carolina Alarcon‘s Renaissance Spain and Colonial Latin America class. This series seeks to bring attention the arts of this region to a broader audience. You are invited to sit back and listen to the visual traditions and curious histories of the former Spanish Empire.

Student Podcast Projects, Art History 600

Student Podcast Projects, Art History 600

Race, Nation, and Cloth

A Podcast about Art and Identity in Golden Age Spain and Colonial Latin America

By Elizabeth Neary


Action in Moche Ceramic Vessels

This podcast will introduce you to the mysterious world of Pre-Columbian South America and the stirrup-spout ceramic vessels of the Moche!

By Özlem Eren



A Journey of Translation

Pilgrimage, Devotion, and Colonialism in Spain and Spanish Latin America

By Claire W. Kilgore



Color of Empire

Cochineal Dye Podcast

By Maria Pulla France