DOB ’21: David E. Hoel’s Experience as an Art History Senior Auditor

Senior Auditor David E. Hoel shares his experience taking courses as a part of the Senior Guest Auditor program.
“I was never able to take an art history course many years ago when I was a student. Now as a Senior Guest Auditor I have been able to fill this gap in my knowledge thanks to the fine instructors of the UW Art History Department. This opportunity has made all the difference in my ability to enjoy visits to museums and other art collections.”
Thank you David! We love our Art History Senior Auditors!
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In honor of David E. Hoel, enjoy this art historical badger!
Jacques-Philippe Le Bas and Jean Eric Rehn after Jean-Baptiste Oudry, Blereau (Badger), etching and engraving, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., 1970.10.7.