DOB’22 | Alumni Update: Art History MA Is Back In The Theater

Anna Betz, who graduated in 2020 from UW–Madison with her Master of Arts in Art History, is now working as an Education and Group Sales Coordinator with the University of Minnesota’s Northrop Theater. Her experiences at UW–Madison prepared her to quickly acclimate to another University environment. Though this position is temporary, she is excited to see what new opportunities come from working Northrop’s Spring Season. This position requires the capacity to work on several projects simultaneously which is something that she is comfortable doing as a result of her years in the Art History Department’s MA Program.She is also continuing her work on an original ballet based on Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy; a project inspired by her studies as a student at UW. After taking Jelena Todorovic’s “Literature in Translation” course in undergrad, Anna never stopped envisioning a ballet based on Dante’s incredibly rich text. Her passion for this work took her to Florence, where she studied abroad to get a feel for Dante’s homeland, and eventually led her to finishing a Master’s degree, under the supervision of Prof. Thomas Dale, that focused on medieval representations of death and the afterlife in Trecento Pisa. The culmination of the knowledge gathered in these pursuits all lend themselves to the creation of her new ballet that follows the poet’s journey through hell, purgatory, and heaven. The project is taking steps forward as she works with composer Ian McGlynn to generate fresh new sounds to accompany her choreography. Anna hopes to have the first iteration of the ballet ready for the public within the next few years! Everything that she has learned at UW–Madison has helped her take steps toward her career goals. Anna wants to thank her previous advisors, professors, and colleagues from UW–Madison who have helped her along the way.