“Echo: Sound Recording and Racial Violence in Contemporary Art History,” lecture by Dr. Jane Blocker


Jane Blocker’s lecture, “Echo: Sound Recording and Racial Violence in Contemporary Art History” looks back to the infamously politicized 1993 Whitney Biennial and its inclusion of the amateur video showing five white police officers beating Rodney King, to consider the ways in which recorded sound serves as historical document. It draws together critical reactions to the Biennial, the performance practice of Anna Deavere Smith, and the story of Echo to think about the effect of racial violence on historical temporalities.

Thursday, April 5
2:30 – 4p
Elvehjem L170

The student workshop will focus on Professor Blocker’s latest research alongside her 2015 publication, “History in the Present Progressive: Sonic Imposture at The Pedicord Apts.”

Readings for the workshop and registration are located at https://cvc.wisc.edu/programs/jane-blocker/