“Embodiology® Applied – So, How does it Feel?,” colloquium by Dr. Sheron “Ama” Wray

In 2018 Sheron Wray, PhD, was recognized by the Comparative & International Education Society, receiving one of four African Diaspora Emerging Scholars Awards. She is an Associate Professor of Dance at UC Irvine and Director of the Africana Institute for Creativity, Recognition and Elevation. Self-describing as a ‘performance architect’, dedicating herself to revealing the knowledges embedded within African and diasporic performance practices. She received her PhD in dance studies at the University of Surrey, developing her praxis of Embodiology.® Embodiology’s concepts were introduced in Black Routes, a Routledge publication edited by Ramsay Burt and Christy Adair. Further dissemination of this method of how movement inspires the mind can be found in her TEDx talk entitled, Bodily Steps to Innovation.