Spring 2020 Graduates Spotlight: Mya Eileen Frieze (MA, 2020)

Mya Eileen Frieze (@afrozenfrieze) has graduated with dual Masters degrees, with an MA in Art History and a Masters of Library and Information Studies. Her research focused on Early Medieval Ireland and Arts Librarianship. Here are Mya’s answers to a few questions about her time her at UW-Madison.

What is your favorite art history memory?
“I had so many great experiences in art history, but one of the best was visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City with Professor Dale and a few other medievalists during the 2019 College Art Association conference. We basically had a mini-seminar, and we got to look at the actual objects while Tom spoke about them. One of my favorite moments was examining the Morgan Madonna and kneeling in front of it to emulate the intended experience of the sculpture.”

What is the most important skill you have learned in the art history program?
“One of the most broadly applicable things I have learned in the art history program is the value of professionalism and the importance of showing up and investing in the department. Going to events and serving in GradForum leadership have allowed me to make connections with students and faculty outside of my major area of study and have given me opportunities to participate in things like the faculty hiring process, fundraising through grants and donors, and benefitting from the wisdom and support of numerous faculty. My work in the classroom enriched my academic experience, and all of the work outside of the classroom enriched my professional experience.”

What do you intend to do after graduation?
“I have accepted an offer to be an Associate Course Director for Art History at Full Sail University, a university focused on technical arts, in Orlando, FL. I will be teaching art history surveys, with a focus on developing visual literacy, critical thinking, and good research skills.”