Spring 2021 Graduate Spotlight: Ambar Cornelio, B.A. Art History, Honors Candidate

Ambar reflects, “As an art history major, I’ve had amazing opportunities to study from diverse perspectives, and learn how to holistically approach visual and material culture. This department has given me the opportunity to develop my oral and written communication, attention to detail and analytical skills in a way that will be so crucial to my future, and I am very grateful. I have thoroughly enjoyed the classes that I’ve taken, and they have only made me more appreciative of the art and architecture around me. During the pandemic, I certainly miss being able to have classes in person in the Elvehjem building, but at the same time, I have enjoyed the more interactive classes through Zoom. Some of my most interesting classes occurred towards the end of my time in the department, and I would especially like to thank Dr. Yuhang Li for her classes on Chinese art; providing a space to learn and appreciate art that is much different than anything I had ever studied before. I also would like to thank Dr. Thomas Dale for his seminar on medieval monsters, and my final class in the department concerning race and ethnicity. As my time in the department draws to a bittersweet end, I cannot thank the art history department enough for the education it provided me during these last four years. For the future, while I am still discerning between schools, I will attend law school for the fall of 2021.” Congratulations Ambar!!!🥳🎉🎓