Spring 2021 Graduate Spotlight: Jenna Marcus, B.A. Economics and Art History Certificate

Jenna Marcus graduated in Spring 2021 with a B.A. in Economics and a Certificate in Art History. She currently has “a job in marketing (for which I have been working part-time throughout the year) and am applying/would like to go into Finance (Capital Markets/Securities Trading).”  Her favorite art history memory is from a class with recently retired Prof. Henry Drewal, “I loved my African Art History class—we had such a variety of students in the course and people who came just to listen to Henry (our professor) speak during his last semester teaching. The class had such an upbeat and happy energy and even during discussions we’d have great conversation—the class just bonded so well. As an economics major, my courses have always been massive and not very discussion-based, which made my art history courses that much more meaningful. I love all of the people and friends I met by getting an AH certificate. Skill wise, the art history program has helped me to see things from so many different perspectives. When examining a work of art or a period in history, my high school and college courses wanted everyone to see and learn things a specific way. Being in art history courses during a significant time (a pandemic among racial equality movements), I was able to hear opinions and voices from people part of minority groups speak on how their own backgrounds and lives influence the way they see art/the world and that has been incredibly meaningful to me.” Congratulations Jenna!!!🎓🌟🎉