Spring 2021 Graduate Spotlight: Samantha Comerford, M.A. Art History

Samantha Comerford graduated in Spring 2021 with her Master of Arts degree in Art History. Her masters thesis “Dresses for Death: Mass-Produced Burial Garments in America, 1880–1915,” focuses on material culture as it relates to the lives and deaths of women and children in the U.S. during the 19th c. After graduation Sam will be “staying on with the Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection assisting with the Collections and exhibitions.” Her favorite art history memory was “having the ability to learn from so many scholars and peers about the artworks of different periods and places.” The most important skill was learning to “become a much better (and faster) writer.”
You can read more about Sam’s masters research here: https://cdmc.wisc.edu/…/student-spotlight-samantha…/