Spring 2022 Course Highlight | AH 308 The Tastes of Scholars & Emperors: Chinese Art in the Later Periods

This spring, Professor Yuhang Li will be teaching AH 308 “The Tastes of Scholars & Emperors: Chinese Art in the Later Periods,” TR 1:00–2:15pm, humanities breadth and L&S credit. In what ways were Chinese arts special and noteworthy within the broad history of world art? Why is Chinese landscape painting regarded as the “highest form” of Chinese painting? How did scholars’ taste influence garden, furniture and other craft-making? Why did each emperor have his own porcelains made as a way to claim his sovereignty? How did the booming of print culture influence Chinese religious practice in the early modern period? Why did dreams become a popular subject in Chinese art? Learn about art forms and concepts that developed in China from the mid-10th century to the early 20th century. Chronologically, examine the development of painting, calligraphy, woodblock printing, ceramics, lacquer wares, textile, architecture, and photography. In addition to material, technique, subject and function, consider the aesthetic concepts and social groups associated with various art forms. Enroll here.