Spring 2022 Course Highlight | Race in the Middle Ages

Ph.D. Student Tirumular (Drew) Narayanan will teach AH 303 “Race in the Middle Ages” in Spring 2022 on Tuesday/Thursday, 2:30–3:45pm, Conrad A. Elvehjem Building, Room L140. Humanities Breadth and L&S Credit. Students will be introduced to the theoretical framings of “Race and the Middle Ages” and then guided through a variety of media from the Mediterranean through which we can productively understand the categories of race, religion & cultural hybridity. This material will encompass both the expected and explicit markers of racialization (epidermal, physiognomic, sartorial, and cultural practices) as well as the more subtle articulations. Finally, the course acknowledges the tendrils between pre-modern and contemporary formulations of race while carefully understanding the differences between them. To this extent, the course will consider violent appropriations of the medieval past ranging from White Nationalist rhetoric to ISIS Propaganda. Enroll here.